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Why join Humana Medicare Advantage...

  • Humana is the largest Medicare Advantage Plan in the United States. 

  • More PCPs have been helped by Humana's business model than any other plans.

  • Humana is the one of the few plans that ranks a 4.5 STAR rating in quality care to their beneficiaries.  The STAR rating is performed by Medicare taking in several quality measures including but not limited to control of chronic diseases, preventive medicine, and physician access to healthcare providers and facilities. 

  • The funding is dependent on the carrier's STAR rating.  In 2019, Humana is likely to end up with the most funding and will be able to outspend rivals in providing care to the elderly. 

  • Due to their clout, Humana is able to obtain attractive contracts from hospitals, ancillary services, and specialists.  In addition, they are able to pass on some of the savings to the primary care physician.